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How to Get Rounder, Plumper Butt?

I'm totally in need of a lift or something. I have somewhat of a butt, it's wide and long. It needs to be rounder and plump. How can one go about getting this effect? Like I said I have something to work with it's just not outstanding and I want this effect, but don't need much done to get it I guess.


Brazilian Butt Lift for Rounder, Plumper Butt

Thank you for your question. In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we frequently perform buttock enhancements for a rounder, curvier figure. To achieve this appearance we perform liposuction of the abdomen and back, process the fat, then transfer it directly to the buttocks. Combining these procedures allows us to use your own fat to reshape your figure, reducing the size of your abdomen and back and enhancing the size and shape of your buttocks. Typically about a third of the fat that is harvested from the areas you don't want it (think abdomen, flanks, back, thighs) can be used to enhance your buttock contour. The result is a permanent change that can significantly improve tour shape. The other major benefit from this technique is the small incisions associated with it. Nationally there is more and more attention being put on fat transfer. Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon that has performed this procedure with some frequency. I hope this helps.

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