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Ia 50 Too Old to get Breast Implants?

I'm turning 50 this year, still in good shape but feeling gravity all over! Can I still have breast implant surgery and what would reasonable expectations be for a woman my age?


oo old for breast implants??

There is no age limit on implants.

Instead, in my practice, the issues we focus on are:

  • Are you healthy enough for surgery?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for the outcome?
  • What type of implant will best suit your needs?
  • What are your physical and physiologic characteristics and how can we get the best result taking those into consideration?

... In other words, the same things we consider for all breast augmentation patients.

Here are some things that can be different for patients aged 50 and over, that I try to pay particular attention to:

  • Most people in this age group have some degree of breast ptosis (sagging), which must be taken into consideration to provide a good outcome.
  • Have you received a mammogram? Patients at an age for routine mammograms who are considering breast surgery should have had a recent mammogram.
  • Is your skin elasticity poor?

Find a good board certified plastic surgeon and have a complete evaluation.

Good luck!

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