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If I get pregnant, will it Ruin my Breast Implants?

I had breast enlargement surgery 15 months ago, andI am pregnant again and am wondering if this will ruin my breast implants? I had the implant placed under the muscle but I am worried I will regain that saggy look again.


Breast Implants and Pregnancy

It is hard to say for sure what the changes will be to your breasts after your pregnancy and breast feeding. It is very difficult to predict how your body will react. What can be said is generally women's breasts enlarge with pregnancy and breast feeding and this can cause stretch on the Cooper's ligaments which support the breast as well as stretch the skin. The skin stretch will recover somewhat in most people but the ligaments can be permanently changed with each pregnancy. This can contribute to breast sagging. Some people are more prone to breast shape changes with pregnancy than others. Use a good supporting bra. I hope this helps.

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