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If You have my Breast Implants Removed, is a Lift Going to Be Enough?

...or would i need to get smaller implants? I was going to just have a breast lift but instead had breast implants put in also about 5 years ago, and my surgeon lied to me and told me I would be 2 cup sizes smaller if I just got a lift, so i got the implants, now i am in a 34G!! I want to know if I just get the implants removed and get a lift will my breasts look ok?


Lifts and implants

Sorry your unhappy with your profile. Some of the important considerations are how big were the implants that were placed and how much ptosis (breast sagging) do you have currently and what is your final size goal? Removing larger sized implants tend to create more of an unattractive breast when not combined with additional procedures like lift or implant replacement. In addition, if you have a significant amount of sagging currently, removing implants that are even medium sized will increase that ptosis. Finally, what size are you looking for? Typically patients that are as large as you are wish to be smaller. You may actually need a breast reduction in this case. I hope this helps. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon to carefully examine your options and expectations.

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