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I'm 1 Month Since Anchor Lift and Augment. How Would I Look if I Explanted?

A month ago I had a lift (to fix tubular breasts/puffy nipples, w/ptosis-my breasts had looked like that since puberty) with 330(rt) 360(l) submusc. B to C cup. I lost all nipple sensation (areolae were reduced a lot). I'm considering explant due to the fake look, though I'll wait a few months. I have new stretchmarks under the nipples, inside, from the tight lift. If I explant: 1. Will the breasts maintain the lifted look?; 2. Might I regain nipple sensation due to less pressure from implants?


Removing implants after an aug and lift

I agree whole heartedly with your impulse to wait a few more months. Implants typically sit somewhat high immediately after surgery. They may take 3-4 months to settle. This is also true with nerve recovery. Typically half of patients that have issues with sensation after these procedures recover with time. If you choose to remove the implants you will likely lose some of the benefit from the implants. You should definitely talk to your surgeon about your concerns.

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