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I'm experiencing Numbness After Breast Augmentation surgery

I've had my breast implants for 1 year and 8 months. I have 350cc's saline under the muscle, put through the areola. I am experiencing a lot of numbness and both of my nipples have about 10% feeling. After this long do you think it's permanent? Also what do you think happened that caused me to experience so much numbness? I would say I have about 30% numbness on my entire breast.


Numbness after augmentation

Thanks for your question Nipple numbness after breast augmentation is a rare but reported complication. Unfortunately after about a year it is unlikely that you will have additional recovery. Numbness can occur when the incision or dissection to place the implant injures the nerve. Numbness can also be caused by stretch or pressure placed on the nerve by the implant. I hope this helps.

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