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I'm Worried About Post-operative Breast Augmentation Pain

Hello, I'm a 35years old asian mom. I have 2 children. My surgery date is on 22/dec/2010. i am very worred about the pain after surgery, 17 this month I had hemorrhoidectomy. Almost 5days no BM. I was dying. Drank glasses of water and stool softner did there job, but my rectum inside was so swollen with unbelievable pain. End it up (ER). Got miracle ointment from medical art.for almost an hour, i was in hell.still hurts,, so now, i am very worried about breast surgery..(i choose armpit incision 600cc for both)


Pain Pumps Can Answer Post-op Breast Aug Pain

Thanks for your question There are several techniques that can be used to minimize post-op pain after a breast augmentation In our San Francisco area practice, in addition to using pain pumps where appropriate, we also place Marcaine into each pocket with the implants. We have found this to be an easy way to make the first night much less painful. Talk to your plastic surgeon about options. I hope this helps.

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