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Implants Don't Seem Big Enough! Will They Eventually Get Bigger?

I am 3 weeks post op with saline filled to 440cc implants from an a cup. I have waited 10 long years for these and couldn't express more to my PS that I wanted d cups with multiple photos to show him! I have heard of dropping and fluffing, but is this really true? It seems the swelling is gone and no more pain but they still can feel a little tight. I just really don't want to be unhappy with these as I have waited do long to get them and don't have more money to get them done again to go bigger


Breast size changes after breast augmentation

Thanks for your question We perform a significant amount of breast augmentations and other surgeries in our San Francisco area office. The question of "what cup size will I be" can always be challenging. There is no standard for measuring cup sizes and even "professional" department store measurements are wildly different even between the same patient. (Some even argue that those stores purposefully measure people larger to sell more expensive bras). Post-operatively there is always some swelling and the implants typically settle downward. The best advice is to give things some time to settle down (think 3 months). I hope this helps!

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