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In a Brazilian Butt Lift, does the Surgeon or Technique Matter More?

Does the doctor's experience with the brazilian butt lift matter? I heard that there are several techniques on how a brazilian butt lift is done and that is the factor of a successful result and it should take more than 4 hours otherwise it is not done properly.


What is the key to a good brazilian butt lift

Thanks for the question - The short answer is both. You need a surgeon with significant experience and one who performs the procedure with excellent technique. The challenge may be - how do you know if the technique is excellent? You talk about how long it takes a surgeon to perform the procedure as a way to measure quality. In our San Francisco area practice we do a significant number of these procedures. My time in the OR ranges from typically 4 to 6 hours. But that probably isn't the factor you should focus on. Be sure you're dealing with a board certified plastic surgeon. Ask to see lots of before and after pictures. Ask to talk to patients that have had the procedure done and be sure the surgeon takes the time to discuss the operation with you in depth. Good luck!

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