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Indentation After Breast Augmentation surgery

I had breast implants put in around June of 2008. It seems like I have an indentation under each breast. And it looks like my actual breasts are just sitting on top and that they are not filled out completely. My plastic surgeon told me that this problem will fix itself, but it has been almost a year and it hasn't changed. Any suggestions?


Shape problems after breast augmentation

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear about your concerns after your breast augmentation. In the vast majority of cases at 9 months after your surgery most of the swelling has resolved and your implants should have settled. It sounds like you may have two issues, the first relates to your description of your breast tissue sitting on top of your implants. You may have constricted breast tissue that is not adapting to the shape of the implants. Most of the time this needs to be released for improvement 9 months out. The indentations sound like they could be issues with the pocket where the implant sits. You may need a revision to improve the shape. I hope this helps.

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