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Is 350MP Plus the Right Size to Become a Small D?

I am having an implant replacement with a lift next week. I am downsizing my 480HP submuscular for smaller implants. I am a 36DDD and want to be a small D. My plastic surgeon is recomending 350MP Plus. Do you think that is small enough to help me achieve the small D? I was a large C before surgery. He is also going to do dual plane this time. I dont want to be too big again!


Downsizing Implants

Thanks for the question -

Combining a breast lift with implant downsizing increases the ability to create a pleasing breast shape and appropriate breast size.

It is difficult to say without being able to see your pre-operative and current photos about your final size after your second procedure.

Your surgeon is changing three things.

The skin envelope surronding the breast tissue and implant (with the breast lift).The volume in the implant - typically 200 cc equals about a cup size (again this is a rough estimate and several factors contribute to final size - this number beomes less accurate as the breast gets larger).The shape of the implant (high profile vs moderate profile).

A final word about cup size - Bra manufacturers are all over the map with cup size. A cup size in one bra manufacturer that may fit you well may not translate to a different bra brand (ie a Maidenform C cup and a Victoria's Secret D cup may fit equally well). This fact makes it difficult discuss size goals in terms of cup size alone.

I hope this helps.

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