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Is a College Student considered Too Young for Breast Implants?

I'm a 19 years old college student and have been unhappy with my flat chest for years. My breasts are the same size since I was 14. I've been researching breast implants since I was 17and I made up my mind, I can't wait any longer. I'm planning a trip that's 4 hours away. Will they say I'm too young?


Minimum Age For Implants

Thanks for the question - There are three ages to look at. Physical Age: The minimum physical age most doctors use is 18. Physiologic Age: This can be more complicated and is dictated by issues you present like the fact that your breast growth seems to have stabilized. Emotional Age: Surgery and breast implants require a degree of maturity to correctly understand the risks, benefits and alternatives as well as to comply with post-operative requirements to maximize results. From your brief post, it does sounds like you meet all three. Be sure to find a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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