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Is Alloderm in Combination with an Implant Better to Reach a More Natural Looking Breast?

I will undergo a revision of a breastreconstruction bilateral in the Netherlands. The current size is too small for my chest and skinpocket. I have a relatively thin skin. Is alloderm a safe and best esthetic option to use to have a better cosmetic outcome?


Alloderm for nautral breast appearance

Alloderm is a "dermal matrix" which has the structural elements of a part of your skin called the dermis but has had the cells removed. This dermal matrix can be used for reinforcing natural tissue in hernia repair or as a way to create a thicker tissue coverage over implants. It can be used to reduce implant palpability or reduce implant rippling. It can also be used to lower the recurrence of capsular contracture. In breast reconstruction it is very commonly used during implant reconstruction to create a natural inferior pole and to decrease the time for tissue expansion. You should review your concerns for breast enhancement with your plastic surgeon to see if this something that may address a specific problem you have. In my San Francisco area practice we use dermal matrix for all of the problems listed above.

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