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Is Breast Implant surgery Financing Still Available?

I Need to finance my breast implant surgery if it is going to happen any time soon.... with the latest economic problems with banks, are doctors seeing more patients getting denied plastic surgery financing? is carecredit the best option?


Financing is still available

Thanks for the question Juniper - In my East Bay practice we accept Care Credit. However, be sure that you're financially prepared to take on a loan for plastic surgery. Care Credit has tightened up the lending requirements somewhat however we have yet to see a patient denied. Dr. Law brings up excellent points regarding interest and affordability. However, even practices that are "strongly against patient financing programs" usually take credit cards - in many ways the same thing as other financing options and many times even at the same interest rates. The bottom line is be a responsible borrower, find a board certified plastic surgeon and good luck. I hope this helps. Steven Williams, MD

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