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Is Getting a Touch Up Done on a BBL After 12 Months Safe? Will Results Be More Prominent?

I am wanting to get a touch up done on my bbl that i had 9 months ago. Ill be going in for the touch up at 12 months. Im wondering if by doing a touch up it will be easier to contour and give me more of a shelf look coming off of my lower back and add more projection. My original bbl took quite nicely, so im hoping that by doing it a second time it will really take and "perfect" it. Im also wondering if doing lipo again over areas that were previously lipo'd is safe. thank you.


Revising a brazilian butt lift

You can revise a brazilian butt lift by performing additional liposuction and transferring additional fat. It can be harder to harvest as much healthy fat from the same areas used in the original procedure and you may have slightly less fat take depending on the volume transferred the first time.

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