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Is Getting Smaller Implants - going from 700cc to 500cc - Feasible?

Hi. Four years ago I made the stupid choice of getting 700cc (Round smooth silicone, high profile, 14.4 x 6.2cm)breast implants. I am a tall girl, 5' 81/2" and 135 lbs. I wear a 36 band bra. My cup size was WAY to large! My breasts look extremely fake and i am very self-conscious of my body. Before the 700cc implants I had 400 cc anatomical implants to correct tubular A cups that were also asymetrical. I felt the 400ccs were too small. The 400cc (12.5 cm x 13 cm x 4.9cm) implants were submuscular and looked very natural, they were just small on my broad frame and seemed to be 10 miles apart. I got the 700cc implants to get a cleavage. I hate the high profile, they look really fake and I wanted a natural look. I am getting a revision soon and my doctor recommended Mentor Moderate plus profile, size 450 or 500cc smooth round silicone implants. The dimension of the 450cc implants is 13.6 x 4.2, the 500cc is 14.1 x 4.3cm. I would like a small D, right now I wear a 36D but I know it's the wrong size because the bra cups fit on the breasts like a baseball cap. I just want breasts that look "real". He said he would have to do a lift (hopefully just around the areola). Do you think going from 700cc to 450 or 500cc is feasible? Can this still produce pretty breasts that look "real"? What is your experience with downsizing?


Downsizing breast implants

Thanks for the question. Implants can increase the amount of skin you have on your breasts through tissue expansion (this same concept is used for breast reconstruction). Downsizing your implants still leaves the expanded soft tissue envelope. Removing implants or reducing the size can lead to sagging breasts. Most of the time a 200 cc implant size difference will need more than a circumareolar mastopexy to provide a lasting result and a good shape. The mastopexy design that can be an alternative is a Wise pattern mastopexy (the anchor design scar). This provides an excellent lasting lift but the trade-off is a larger scar. In the end, it depends on how much ptosis you have now, but a high profile 700 to a 500cc moderate plus profile will likely require some sort of lift. In addition, your tuberous breast reconstruction may make your breasts more susceptible to sagging. I hope this helps.

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