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Is it Easy to Add More Saline to the Implants?

I have had my saline implants for nearly 2 weeks. I feel like one implant is bigger and fuller than the other . Is it easy for my doctor to go back in and add more saline? I wasn't impressed with the size I am; I thought I'd be bigger.


Adding more volume to saline implants

Thanks for the question. It is too early to judge small issues with symmetry and position. There is likely considerable swelling at the two week point. 2 months will give you a better picture of where you will be in terms of size, shape and symmetry. Adding additional volume requires replacing the implant in most cases. (There is a specialized implant that is more commonly used for reconstruction that has a port that you can add or remove fluid from that is remotely located from the imlpant - it is unlikely you have this implant). I hope this helps.

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