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Is It Possible to get Customized Breast Implants?

I've had breast implant revision surgery recently to replace saline implants which were visibly wrinkled. I have very little breast tissue and therefore chose the Mentor CPG "gummy bear" implant. These implants looked even more wrinkled from the thicker folds of the shell. The surgeon replaced them 3 days later with an overfilled saline implant. I now have 2 very firm, but not wrinkled, balls on my chest. I am 48. I am 5'6", 118 pounds. According to my surgeon, I have the least breast tissue of everyone he has ever seen. I went from an athletic 32AA to a 34 DDD and I feel way out of proportion. He had to keep filling the shell with saline until there were no visible wrinkles. I was wondering if it is possible to order a custom, more solid gummy bear implant that does not fold when held vertically? Thank you.


Masking wrinkling

Thanks for your question - Implants can be camouflaged by placing them under the muscle, placing products like alloderm over them within the pocket, etc. However, it sounds like the fundamental problem is you have gone from very small to very large which has noticeably thinned your tissue. The first decision you need to consider is if you really want to stay this size. If you do it will be challenging to mask the implants. There are custom silicone implants that are available but they wouldn't be a great choice in your situation because they tend to be more firm than traditional implants. I hope this helps.

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