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Is Swelling and Tightness After Breast Augmentation surgery Normal?

I had breast implants put in 7 days ago. My breasts have become much more swollen over the last three days and feel very hard; I don't have pain, just tightness and aching/tingling. Is it normal to have these symptoms several days after the procedure? Most of the swelling is in the upper chest, above the nipple. My implants are under the muscle, 250cc Silicone gel.


Increasing swelling after breast augmentation

Thanks for your question It is normal to have some swelling after breast reduction. The amount, timing and resolution can be somewhat variable depending on the techniques used and your body. Generally swelling should improve over the next few days. Persistent or increasing swelling, especially on only one side, could represent a hematoma (a collection of blood). Be sure to carefully discuss your situation with your plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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