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Is There a Risk in Using the Original Implant for a Correction to an Infected Breast?

Hi, I had breast augmentation on 1/2/12 and quickly developed a MRSA staph infection. My surgeon put me on an antibiotic that got rid of the infection in a few weeks, but the infected breast developed capsular contracture and now the he is going to do a second surgery to fix it. He said that I could either put the same implant back in or pay for a new implant to be used. Should I be worried about the original implant still having an infection on it and causing more complications? Thank you!


Breast implants after infection

Thanks for your question Any infection (especially MRSA - an infection that is resistant to many antibiotics) can be challenging for a breast augmentation patient and capsular contracture is a common post-infection issue. Most plastic surgeons would advocate switching the implant for a new one. Some might even advocate doing the procedure in stages. The concern is residual bacteria or "microfilm" on the implant that puts you at significantly higher risk for recurrent capsular contracture. I hope this helps!

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