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Is there a way to Get Kim Kardashian's Butt?

I want my buttocks to look like Kim Kardashian's and everyone says she had a Brazilian butt lift. What is a Brazilian butt lift?


Brazilian Butt Lift

Thanks for the question. I will try to respond to the the questions below as well. A brazilian butt lift uses liposuction from areas you don't want fat and lipotransfer to permanently augment the areas where you do want additional shape (in this case the buttocks). Ideal candidates are patients who are close to their ideal body weight, have specific concerns about extra tissue on the tummy or thighs, and desire an improved contour for their buttocks. The procedure is time intensive and we perform it in a hospital setting. It is outpatient surgery, meaning people go home the day of surgery. Our patients are placed in a compression garment and are given specific instructions for post-op care. The advantages of this procedure over traditional buttock enhancement techniques include small scars, permanent correction, no implants, which can cause problems long term and relatively quick recovery. Prices vary greatly depending on the nature of the technique and the experience of the surgeon. Prices range from $10K - $18K. I hope this helps.

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