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Is this Implant Rippling or Something More Serious?

I just had breast implants less than a week ago. I had very little breast tissue and got 390 CCs using a textured implant. Now, on one of my breasts, I have what looks like a line going across my breast, and the top of my breast looks larger than the bottom. What is this?


Line across implants

Thanks for your question - It is normal to have some superior pole fullness as the implants will settle as the swelling resolves. The line you describe could be a number of things but is likely the border of the pectoralis muscle. As the other physicians have mentioned, close follow-up with your plastic surgeon is key at this point. These should be issues you address with him or her. In addition - try taking pictures of your breasts every week to document the issue if you feel things aren't improving. This can give you an excellent reference point to discuss post-op changes. I hope this helps.

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