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I've had Buttock Implants for 3 Yrs now. Can I Do BBL to Increase Volume??

I want a lot more volume in my buttocks.. Would a Brazilian Butt Lift increase volume with lasting results? How much would it cost?? Thx


Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Implants

Thanks for your question - At our San Francisco area practice we perform the brazilian buttock lift procedure regularly and take pride in our expertise. We have performed the operation in combination with existing buttock implants but great care has to be used to avoid damaging the existing implant or depositing fat against the implant (it is much harder for the fat to become revascularized if it is in contact with the implant). In addition, many times the position of the implant prevents fat injection below the plane of the existing implant, which can cause problems reaching higher volumes of fat. Find a board certified plastic surgeon and discusses your concerns. I hope this helps.

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