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Lifting After Breast Augmentation surgery

After 3 weeks post-breast augmentation surgery, my doctor has cleared me to return to my part-time serving job, which requires carrying up to 40 lbs of food with one arm. I am excited to get back to work, but I'm also nervous that lifting or carrying things with this much weight will cause problems due to my recent augmentation. Would other doctors agree that I can return to this type of work at 3 weeks post-op?


Back to work questions

Congratulations on your surgery and your new look. Back to work questions can be complicated. There's no strict formula for when it is ok to go back to work. Determinations are made based on some of the following factors: 1. Type of operation 2. Complications post-op 3. Your pain tolerance and narcotic pain medication needs 4. Your job In my San Francisco area practice people are typically back to work after one or two weeks (usually closer to one week). Because this can be a complex issue make sure you've communicated with your surgeon the type of work you do and what your post-op concerns might be. I hope this helps!

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