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Moderate Versus Larger Diameter High Profile?

PS suggested 339cc or 371cc (12.4cm or12.9cm >than my 12 cm base) moderate silicone implants above muscle Nipple is 16.5” from the top and 5 cm to center. I am very small 32A ( I do have lose skin/fat in breast) 5’1”, 105lbs, size 0 waist. I like a rounder, fuller look w/good cleavage. I was told the 339 would make me a B cup but now I want to be a full C. With High Profile, couldn’t I go to a 400, 425cc or 450cc (11.9/12/12.4cm) to accomplish what I want? Trade offs versus 339/371 moderate?


The right implant for you

Thank you for your question. In our San Francisco Bay area practice we perform many breast augmentations and picking the right size implant is one of the most critical parts of the surgery. Numbers and measurements are helpful and serve as a basis for choosing the right implant but getting the right projection, shape and fullness requires more than what just numbers can provide. In our practice, in addition to the measurements, we ask patients to bring in pictures of breasts they like and dislike. We bring those pictures with us to the operating room. We then use sizers, which are temporary breast implants that can be filled to different sizes, to get the size and shape implant that is closest to the desired look. This extra step is extremely useful in trying to match your goal with your surgical outcome. I hope this helps.

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