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Muscle Contractions After Botox Injections

I've had Botox injections on my forehead, lower eye regions and crows feet. Now I have muscle contractions on my upper eyelid and it really looks bad. Is this normal? I will see my doctor tomorrow, but I'm concerned that he will suggest more Botox. Should I worry if he should advise so? Please help.


Upper lid hooding after botox

Thanks for your question - From your picture it looks like you have a fair amount of upper lid skin laxity. If you had Botox to your forehead and your upper lid skin hooding became worse it is possible that your frontalis muscle (the muscle on your forehead) was helping to keep the skin out of your eyes. With that muscle partially paralyzed to improve your forehead wrinkling it is unable to keep your lid skin in the superior position it had before. As the Botox wears off (4-6 months) this will improve. In the future you'll need to warn your doctor that you had this unfavorable result. I hope this helps.

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