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My Butt Looks Too High After Brazilian Butt Lift surgery

I just had a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery five days ago, and am worried that the fat was added too high up. Is my garment causing it to look this way? It does seem to look natural. Will this drop and look more natural? Should I wait to see my doctor or go see him ASAP? I'm going on vacation at the end of May and wondering if I'll heal enough to be in a bikini by then? Thanks.


Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Thanks for the question - We perform many of these operations in our San Francisco area practice. The healing process takes time. In the first two weeks there is a substantial amount of swelling both in the area of fat transfer (your buttocks) and the areas that were liposuctioned (most commonly at least your abdomen and flanks). We counsel our patients to start seeing substantial results at about 4 weeks with the final shape at about 4-6 months. Good luck on your new look! Our patients love this procedure.

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