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My Right Breast Implant Sits Higher Than my Left one

I recently had breast augmentation surgery with an internal lift three weeks ago. My right breast implant sits a little higher and I have loose skin around the inner part of the breast. My doctor told me to wrap my breast in bandages and that the implant should drop within 6 - 8weeks. Is this a normal post op problem? Will the bandages work and make the implant "drop" on its own, or is revisional surgery the only way to get this fixed?


Breast implants descend within first few months

Thanks for your question. It is still very early in your post-op course. Breast implants usually descend in the first few months. There is signficant debate about whether dressings (bandages and the like) or massage will actually facilitate repositioning implants. Certainly, implants will descend somewhat on their own. Either way, massage and bandages will certainly not hurt, but your best friend will be additional time. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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