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My Saline Breast Implants are Leaking

I have saline implants placed in 2002. Yesterday, I noticed my left breast became soft and smaller. Consequently, I also felt a post nasal drip of salt in my throat. The left breast is smaller and softer than my right. This morningI haven't experienced any difference. What are all my options, could I exercise?


Leaking breast implant options

Thanks for your question. The salty taste in your mouth and your saline implants are unrelated. There is no way for leaking saline to get to your nose or mouth. The saline is simply absorbed by the tissue around the implant pocket. Implant ruptures should be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon. Usually, saline breast implants will not exhibit slow leaks but will leak like a ruptured balloon (very quickly). This will usually result in significant asymmetry. Silicone ruptures can be much more challenging to detect. If your implant is leaking you may need to have the implant(s) removed or have the ruptured implant replaced. Implants that are ruptured that were placed in 2002 are likely still covered by the warranty. Be sure to contact your original plastic surgeon if you don't have the original paperwork. Warranties from Mentor or Allergan (the two largest breast implant manufacturers) usually last the lifetime of the implant. I hope this helps.

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