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Need More Botox In Forehead After 6 Weeks, Shouldn't It Last Longer?

I am noticing some movement back in my forehead after my first round of Botox 6 weeks ago. I was expecting a time range of more like 6 months! Should I make another appointment for more now or wait until I have full movement? Is this 6 week time frame shorter than normal? Not sure the money is worth it if I have to have 20 units every 6 weeks...


Botox Length of Effect

Thank you for your question. For the majority of patients Botox generally lasts three to four months, however anywhere from two to six months is not uncommon. Botox wearing off at six weeks is a little earlier than expected and there may be several reasons for this. Receiving too little Botox or not having the Botox injected directly into the muscle belly may result in shorter lengths of effect. However, some patients will still experience shortened results despite appropriate doses and injection techniques. In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we also recommend patients try Dysport, a different brand of botulinium toxin than Botox. Although Dysport is a comparable product to Botox and some patients prefer one to the other. For best results visit the office of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. I hope this helps.

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