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Not a "Typical" Breast Surgery Request

i know most breast surgery is under general cuz its safer and the pt is comfortable.I also know that there's a limit of how much lidocaine(numbing solution) one person can have@ any one givin time. would a PS do a breast lift and aug just under the numbing solution(not IV sedation)? If PT perfers to have one breast done at a time under this local NS would any PS do it?i.e. do one breast lift and aug on day 1 than 3days later do the other just to keep it safe. I don't want general or IV sedation.


Unsafe plans for breast lift and aug

Thanks for your question. I agree with the other surgeons. There are many problems with your proposed plan. First, it would be difficult to keep someone comfortable using local alone. Discomfort in addition to being not fun for the patient could also lead to complications in terms of pocket creation or bleeding. Secondly, planning to do one breast at a time is a recipe for asymmetry and patient unhappiness. I hope this helps.

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