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Not Enough Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

I'm slim and petite, and I have small buttocks. I want a noticabely bigger and rounder butt, but may not have enough body fat for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures? What are my other options?


Alternatives to lipotransfer

there are alternatives to lipotransfer. Some of these alternatives have serious consequences. Buttock implants have larger scars, are prone to infection like any artificial substance implanted into your body and because, unlike breast implants, they tend to be under more stress (being sat on for example) they can be more subject to wound healing problems and even extrusion and scar tissue formation which can make them hard or painful. No implant should be considered a permanent solution in comparison to your own tissue. Breast implants on average need additional operations every ten years. These types of implants in experienced hands can be great alternatives. However many times enough fat can be found for autologous fat transfer for buttock augmentation as well. I hope this helps. Steven Williams, MD

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