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Not Much Noticeable Size Difference with BA Revision?

Hi - I got my breast implants replaced a week ago (12/6) and so far, I'm not super happy with the size. The shape is fantastic. My old implants were 8 years old and saline (380/390) and coming from a 34A, I originally was in a 34D but then dropped to a C cup. :-( My recent BA was with 650ccs, silicone, unders...and I can still fit into the 34D bras. Is this normal? Will they "fill out"? I do have very strong pec muscles...will that make a difference? My goal size was a DD.


When to judge breast augmentation results

Thanks for your question In our San Francisco area practice we perform breast augmentation and augmentation revisions frequently. One week after surgery may be too early to determine results. As the other surgeons have pointed out you have a significant volume change. There may be swelling that is masking the actual shape of the breast that may create the illusion of less projection or fullness. The best advice is to talk to your surgeon and give this more time for healing. I hope this helps!

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