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Pain After Breast Lift and Augmentation surgery - Is This Normal?

I had a breast lift and augmentation surgery 2 weeks ago under the muscles. On one side, I am having a searing, burning pain in 2 different places. I know it's from the muscles stretching, but I'm worried about how long the pain and swelling will continue for. I am having to take Ibuprofen and Vicodan throughout the day still. What can I do to lessen the pain and swelling?


"normal pain"

Post-op issues like this should always be addressed with your treating surgeon. In addition, in my San Francisco practice, we typically do not recommend ibuprofen for post-op pain in the immediate post-op period as it can contribute to post-operative bleeding which can be a factor in post-op complications. Bottom line - call your doctor. Today! Good luck. Steven Williams, MD

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