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Photo Imaging Breast Augmentation Possible?

I am interested in having a breast augmentation. Do doctors typically do photo imaging to show you a prediction of the final outcome? Thank you!


Photo Imaging and Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question. At our San Francisco area practice we use digital photography quite heavily. It is a great way for patients to visualize their starting point. We also use photography to document the post-op course. "Photoshopping" or digital changing the image can be useful but has serious issues in terms of predicting your end result. Remember, on the computer a plastic surgeon can make you look however you want. Surgery itself is a different issue. Also, be sure to find a plastic surgeon that will do more than talk about the "look" of the breasts. Of course the look is very important, but so is how they feel, large implants can significantly impact how you feel too. That's something that no photograph can clearly communicate. I hope this helps!

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