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Reduction for Saline Breast Implants

I have Mentor saline implants filled to 375 CC, having had the procedure in 2004. I have been quite happy with my breasts and the implants, but lately, as I approach menopause, I wish for somewhat smaller breasts! Can I have about 100 or 150 cc of the saline removed from the implants, or will I need to have complete removal and replacement with smaller implants?


Breast implant reduction

Unfortunately unless your implant has a port on it (Mentor's Spectrum implants for example) (which are exceedingly rare in cosmetic cases) there is no way to reduce the volume in the implant without replacing the implant. In addition, even if there were a way to take fluid out of the implant safely, implants are designed to have a minimum volume in them and removing 100ccs would most certainly bring the volume below that safe level and predispose the implant to rupture. (Underfilling is a very common cause of implant rupture). I hope this helps. Steven Williams, MD

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