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Revision Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

I am seriously considering a second breast augmentation usrgery. I had my 1st implants done 9 years ago; they were saline and were placed above the muscle. I had a baby 7months ago and I noticed a lot of rippling. I would like to get them redone and would like to get them replaced with silicone implants under the muscle. Would it be ok to care for my baby after I get them done, as I wouldn’t have much help after? Or would I be better to wait until my baby is older?


Revision breast augmentation

Thanks for the question - Typically revision breast augmentation recovery is quicker than the recovery for the first breast augmentation surgery. In your case changing implant placement may negate some of this as patients may have some muscle spasms and discomfort from implant placement under the muscle. Typically we advise our patients that they will need about a week to recover. Things like local anesthesia, pain pumps and supportive garments can speed recovery. It would be best to have help on hand at least for the first three days. I hope this helps.

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