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Revision of Body Lift

My proportions still look bad after my original Body Lift. My whole butt was pulled long and flat, effectively accentuating the saddlebags and disproportionate thigh area. Is there a way to just pull up the sides of the butt/thigh (and chase dog ear around to front)? In a revision surgery? I don't want to keep lifting the center butt, but the thighs need help.


Body Lift Questions

Thanks for your question - Typically body lifts are circumferential meaning that the incision would go all the way around your body. This should mean that dog-ears shouldn't really be an issue since they are usually present where the incision stops. If your incision is not circumferential then chasing the dog-ears may be a bit more challenging. In terms of the shape of your buttocks fat transfer techniques may provide significant improvement. I hope this helps.

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