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Ruptured Breast Implant: Is there a Test to Locate Silicone?

I've had a ruptured Silicone Breast Implant for a number years. I got the implants in 1979 and haven't had any problems with them until I changed doctors. While I was taking my records to the new facility, I read a report from two years ago the I had a ruptured right implant. So, it has been leaking for two years. After reading horror stories on the Internet I am afraid that this has put my health at risk. Is there some type of test to determine where the silicone has gone to and have them removed?


No specific test

There is no specific test to look at systemic levels of silicone in your body after a ruptured implant. If you have a suspicious mass it should be biopsied. Sometimes lymph nodes can accumulate some of the leaking silicone and that can cause the lymph node to enlarge (these would typically be in your axilla). If there is not a specific mass then likely the treatment would be to remove the ruptured implant and the scar tissue formed around the implant. I hope this helps.

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