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Ruptured Implant and Silicone leak in Lymph Node

Should ruptured silicone implant leaks in the lymph nodes be removed as soon as possible? Can the implants be replaced? Some doctors say the silicone isn't harmful, and there's no rush to remove/replace the implants if they're not bothersome. Is this true? What can be done?


Ruptured implants

Current recommendations are to replace or remove ruptured implants. While studies have shown that there is likely no significant _systemic_ harm from leaking silicone the silicone itself can cause local inflammation which can lead to scar tissue and other local problems over time. And as Dr. Freund and Dr. Karamanoukian have pointed out - it is important that any new lump in your breast or armpit be evaluated to rule-out breast cancer. Don't assume it is from the silicone. I hope this helps.

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