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Should I Get Breast Implant surgery if I Plan on Getting Pregnant Later?

is it recomended to have breast implant surgery before having a child? how will my breasts look after breast feeding? i just want my breasts perky but very natural. i feel i have a lot of extra skin on my breasts. i want to see what the doctor recomends for size.


implants and pregnancy

Thanks for the question. Typically, if a patient is considering pregnancy within a year or so I would recommend waiting on the implants. Be aware that you will have to wait until you've stopped breast feeding before you can safely have implants placed after your pregnancy. In addition, your comment about "extra skin" may also indicate that you may need a lift. Doctors carefully examine the dimension and shape of your breasts and have a complete discussion about the risks and benefits - including pregnancy timing. Find a board certified plastic surgeon to help provide you more information. I hope this helps.

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