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Should I replace Silicone Breast Implants with Moderate Sagging

I currently have 270cc silicone implants that are 30 years old. No problems ever! I am interested in getting lift though, but do not want the scars. With moderate sag, is it possible to just replace with larger implants to increse overall fullness?


Breast Implants and Sag

This can be a difficult problem. The issue is how large an implant would be required to correct the amount of sag you have. Plastic surgeons grade breast ptosis (sagging) by comparing the position of the nipple to your breast fold. If your nipple is completely below that fold with the implants you currently have then it is likely a larger implant will not be enough to get you a good result. Some plastic surgeons will stretch the limits of the correction an implant can accomplish by performing a peri-areolar mastopexy. Essentially this creates a purse string incision around your areola to decrease the amount of skin envelope. The problem with this technique is it typically is not very lasting and the scars - while limited to the areola - can be quite prominent and can widen. The best course of action for you should be discussed in depth with a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps!

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