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Should I Stop Breast Feeding Before I Can Get Breast Implant surgery?

I have 6 children the youngest being a year and I am still breastfeeding her. I'm sure you know after so many children, the breasts just end up drooping. I want to know if I can get implants while nursing or how long should I wait after I stop breastfeeding my last child. I am really depressed about this and my sex life with my husband is horrible because of my feelings about my breasts. I am really embarrased about myself. Please let me know my options.


How long to wait

In my San Francisco area practice we ask patients to wait for 3 - 6 months after they have stopped breast feeding before performing breast augmentation. It takes at least this much time for your breasts to return to a non-lactating, post-partum size. Waiting allows you to find an implant size that is correct for you. Milk production may continue for some period after you have stopped breast feeding. This can cause problems with wound healing and infection. In addition make sure you have coordinated enough support and help at home as you may be sore and using pain medications for a few days post-op. I hope this helps.

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