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Should I Wait for my Milk Supply to Dry Up for Breast Reduction?

ive been waiting for my breast reduction surgery and the time has come however i just stopped breast feeding 4 days ago and my surgery is in two days can i go ahead? i feel good to go ahead with it without telling my doc. ive waited too long to postpone another six months.are there any risks with this?


Breast Reduction While Breast Feeding

Thanks for your question: In our San Francisco area office we commonly perform breast reductions.  We always ask our patients to wait until they're done breast feeding.  There are several reasons for this: * Breast milk can cause infections and wound healing problems.

* Your breasts are engorged (think bigger than normal) with breast milk and the actual size and shape of your breasts will change when you stop lactating.  It is important to perform the surgery when your breasts have reached a stable size without breast milk.

* Anesthesia and pain medications can get into the breast milk affecting your baby.

* After surgery you'll need some time to recover and typically breast feeding moms may have some trouble finding the time to devote to you.

* Two days is likely not enough time to prevent issues from point #1 and point #2.  And you should see your surgeon as a partner in your safety and well being.  Not telling your doctor things is a recipe for disaster.  I hope this helps.  Finish breast feeding and then see a board certified plastic surgeon.

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