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Should Saline Implants Be Replaced after 9 Years?

I had breast cancer in 2001 in left breast; implants placed in both breasts during reconstruction; some rippling and deformity in the right breast over the mastectory. Approximate cost?PDX area


Replacing Breast Implants After Reconstruction

Thanks for your question - In our San Francisco area practice we commonly use implants for breast reconstruction. There is no expiration date on the implants and if you're not having issues with them there is no definitive reason to replace them just because of the amount of time you've had them. It sound like you have some issues with rippling and breast shape. You may wish to consider changing to silicone implants or using acellular dermal matrix to cover the implants. Insurance typically covers these types of procedures since the original reason you had the implant placed was for reconstructive reasons. I hope this helps.

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