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Staph Infection in the Breasts after surgery?

I underwent Breast Augmentation surgery a year ago. I was fine until i fell backwards while walking. My left breast swelled up, and it felt hot and painful. I went to the surgeon and he had to take the implant out to take a biopsy. He said it was staph infection. I don't understand, where could I have gotten it?


Long standing infections

You've asked a complicated question. Usually infections of breast implants show up immediately. A year is usually enough time for your body to heal the incisions and form scar tissue around the implants which protects them somewhat. However, it is possible to have implants get infected at any time - especially if there have been other procedures performed (including piercing, dental work or other surgeries). Some plastic surgeons will recommend their patients take antibiotics before any procedure for the first year to lower the risk of the implants getting infected. The good news is with time your body should clear the infection and the implant (if you choose) should be able to be replaced. I hope this helps. Steven Williams, MD

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