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Surgery for Silicone Breast Implant Complication?

I had Silicone Breast Implants put in 6 months ago, and everything seemed okay until ten days ago. I felt pain like electric shocks in my left breast, and when I lifted it up, I saw what looks like a vertical vein that is rock-hard when I touch it. It extends downward for 3-4 cm from my scar line. My doctor said I need steroid injections, but when I took one, it didn't help with the pain. He said that I might need surgical intervention. Is it really likely that I need surgery for this?


Mondor's Disease

It sounds like what you're describing is Mondor's disease, although it typically resolves prior to 6 months. Re-operation is not the treatment of choice but anti-inflammatories, massage and careful monitoring. See your plastic surgeon and discuss your post-op problems in detail. I hope this helps.

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