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Tissue Expander Disparity?

I underwent prophylactic bilateral mastectomies on Aug 20th with immediate tissue expanders placed. Thank God there were no complications. I noticed immediately after my surgery that my right expander is fuller/more muscle spasms and sits higher up in my chest. My left expander is flatter and placed lower and slightly more lateral. I am left handed. There is more muscle overlying the high positioned right one. I have had one fill of 30cc each -asymmetry remains. Is this OK?


Tissue Expander Disparities

Tissue expanders are not designed to look or feel like natural breasts they are designed to stretch the skin so there is enough room to fit the full sized implant underneath. Often after bilateral mastectomies the tissue expanders look and feel different from each other, this is normal. The disparities between breasts are accounted for at the surgery to replace the expander with the permanent implants, giving the breasts a more symmetric appearance and natural feel.

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