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Undecided, Lift or Implants. Surgery in 3 Weeks, Opinions Please

Hello. I have my breast surgery scheduled in June, however, am still undecided which route I should take. Would 500cc saline implants be sufficent to give me some volume, or will I end up with large, saggy breasts? If I decided to go just for a lift, my boobs will be tiny and scared. Hence, I'd rather go for implants even if I will have to get a lift 10 years down the road.I don't want both surgeries, so it will be either tiny or big. What to do? I'm 40, 1 child. Thank you.


lift vs. augmentation

Thanks for your question I have to agree with Dr. Rand (he and I have agreed on these issues previously as well) - This tends to be more of a physician patient communication issue. If your surgery is only three weeks from now and you still have significant questions (like which surgery to choose) you need to take a step back and meet with your surgeon again to discuss these issues. If you're still finding it difficult to make a decision I'd recommend talking to 2 or 3 other surgeons. As a general principle and depending on how large you'd be willing to go as well as the final desired shape you may be a good candidate for augmentation alone. But if you're looking for a very "perky" look you'd likely need a lift. Good luck on your decision and remember - take your time, ask lots of questions. I hope this helps.

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