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"Unrealistic Quest for Physical Perfection" and Botox

Blogger Mark Frauenfelder writes that "The problem is that Botox prevents people from responding with appropriate anger to things that aren’t good for them. Facial paralysis blocks one of our most important and primal forms of communication." He concludes by stating "The unrealistic quest for physical perfection that drives people to Botox is similar to the equally unrealistic quest for a life free of negative emotions. It looks like Botox may actually grant people both, and, in the process, leave them greatly impoverished." How do you respond to this view of Botox?


Botox is not opposition to the modern "natural state"

I normally try to avoid the "agree" type posts here, but Dr. Jafri has framed the issue wonderfully and I agree wholeheartedly. Botox is a tool - it has risks and benefits. It is the physician's job to explain the issues clearly, determine whether the treatment is appropriate for the indvidual patient (taking into account all of the issues including psychological ones) and then perform the procedure in a safe manner. If the author of the blog wishes to return to a "more natural state" then he may also need to leave behind grocery stores, cars, clothing... how natural do you want to be? I hope this helps.

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